I don't think I'm an artist because I like to paint or to take pictures. I think I'm an artist because I see the beauty of the world and I want to translate and redefine it, hopefully inspiring others to do the same.​



Until late December my work is available to view and buy at 1505 5th Ave in downtown Seattle, with my business- Mia Wyatt Glass. I have a presence on Instagram as mariamiawp, where I show my latest personal works up for sale and commissioned pieces.​I like playing with materials.

Painting, screen printing, cutting glass, carving blocks, making stencils, throwing clay, and capturing images. There are examples of many of those passions here. If you would like to purchase one, or have an idea for something that fits in with what I do, please feel free to reach out. We can create something together. ​ 

Mia Wyatt painting a skull with horns on a big piece of wood using acrylic paints.